Powerful E-Mail Communication

We would bet that you easily spend four hours a day on e-mails. Wouldn’t you love to save some of that time?

How many times have you closed a long e-mail because you just didn’t have time to figure out what the sender wanted you to do?

How effective is your email writing? TEST YOURSELF to find out!

Our Powerful E-Mail Communication course can increase your response rate – get what you need, when you need it!


Business Writing

How critical is good business writing? Decide for yourself. Consider this actual example from one of our current clients.

Based on our last discussion, I asked John for advice. If my usage of pcard is low, he thinks we can work with Susan. I know from Tim that at this point this would be a better option than Isabel. I will proceed accordingly.

Whether it’s presenting a quarterly report to top managers, or even setting up a task force or team project, clear writing is essential to setting expectations and goals, creating SOPs, etc. While that’s not exactly a life-or-death situation, it can mean the difference between a successful project and a flop.


How powerful is your e-mail communication? Find out here
Test Yourself




What is our philosophy?

People learn to write better by . . . reviewing their own writing in a structured way!

What is the training like?

Prior to each class, participants are asked to submit writing samples that represent all the various types of writing they do. The samples are used to diagnose areas of weakness. A customized class is then designed to meet the needs of these participants.

Class time is spent on topics that are dictated by the samples submitted. Small group work helps participants learn to evaluate their own writing, as well as that of their peers.

Participants enjoy the non-threatening classroom atmosphere, and appreciate the time to share ideas of what works and what doesn’t work with their colleagues. All too often, time for sharing is nonexistent during the regular workday.

We stress the importance of planning the message and doing final edit(s) to ensure that the message is effectively transmitted.

What do our clients say?
  • “Content was full! Content Delivered! Nelson Delivered!”

Karen – Advanced Client Relations Manager

  • “Marianne was very organized, practiced what she preached and KNOWS WRITING!”
  • “The instructor made this class enjoyable and educational. She was able to get everyone involved in discussions. It was clear that she looked forward to the class and was well prepared.”
  • “I really loved this class. I feel more confident in my writing ability.”

Lubrizol Corporation

  • “I liked the relaxed atmosphere. I never felt intimidated or pressured. It was a great learning experience and fun, at the same time.”
  • “The instructor kept me focused. English is not my favorite subject, yet I learned a lot from the class.”

Swagelok Company Manufacturing Company, LLC

  • “The course was extremely relevant to the day-to-day communications that take place in any office environment.”
  • “There were many great tips that I can apply and use daily.”
  • “The course materials were done really well. The use of the participants’ examples was excellent.”

Moen Incorporated

  • “The instructor was excellent; she really knows how to relate to people. She encouraged our questions . . . made certain she went over information that was relevant to our jobs. I will use almost all of the information she provided.”
  • “The best part of the class was using our own work!”
  • “It was fun!”
  • “It was a fast-paced refresher course. Excellent teacher.”

Medical Mutual of Ohio

  • “Thanks for presenting the course in Spanish! You use our language very well.”
  • “I learned many interesting things that I can apply to my work immediately.”
  • “The course is very dynamic, with participation from every member of the class.”

Nordson de México


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