Business Spanish

In today’s international world, companies can’t flourish by just doing business in their local market. Taking advantage of opportunities, wherever they may be, is a path to success.

Our Business Spanish course includes:

  1. A needs assessment to determine your goals and current abilities
  2. The creation of a course, either as a class or as individual coaching, specifically for you, to meet any of the following goals:
    • Solidify your basic Spanish language skills
    • Learn industry-specific vocabulary and phrases
    • Understand relevant cultural values and differences

Not only will this course help you to communicate with customers and clients, it will also give you the opportunity to get essential information more quickly and accurately, without relying on an unknown interpreter. Knowledge is Power!

Conversational Spanish

New to Spanish? No problem! We can help you hit the ground running and become conversationally capable with our Conversational Spanish course.

We all know that when it comes to languages, you “use it or lose it.” So even if you’ve studied Spanish before, consider a refresher course before your next trip!





What is our philosophy?

People learn to speak Spanish by . . . speaking Spanish!

What is the training like?

Our focus is conversational. Grammar is only presented as it is needed for effective communication. There is a strong emphasis on correct pronunciation. Vocabulary relevant to business travelers is used.

There are frequent discussions of Latin American culture, to enable businesspeople to interact appropriately with their Spanish-speaking peers. Two members of IMI’s staff recently returned from Cuenca, Ecuador, where they refreshed and updated their cultural knowledge.

The class is entertaining, while the non-threatening atmosphere encourages participants to “just say it”. Our participants report a much-increased comfort level during their Latin American business trips.

What about total immersion? How much Spanish is spoken in class?

We do not believe that total immersion is effective in most circumstances. Most companies cannot afford the time commitment necessary to allow the total immersion method to work.

Additionally, adults bring specific skills that can be brought to bear on their language learning. These skills include the abilities:

  • To reason
  • To generalize rules
  • To read and write
  • To seek out opportunities for practice.

Therefore, our classes are conducted in a mix of Spanish and English. Participants spend the majority of each class actually conversing with each other in Spanish.

Are the instructors native speakers?

Our instructors are Americans who speak with native-level fluency. This provides several advantages:

  • They are language teachers, who know how to explain and practice the skills needed in order to speak the language.
  • They understand the time and effort required to learn the vocabulary and grammatical structures.
  • They create relevant drills that allow participants to internalize the structures presented.
Does frequent travel interfere with the training?

Far from being a hindrance to your learning ability, we have found that frequent travel to Latin American countries during the course of your Spanish study will serve to reinforce lessons presented in class.

What do our clients say?

Marianne has helped me to improve my Spanish skills significantly in a short period of time. I have been most impressed by her ability to detect my areas of weakness from short conversations and to then tailor my lessons to address those areas. I travel to Latin America very regularly, and my teams there have commented on my improvement since I began to work with Marianne. I definitely recommend her!

Sherwin-Williams Company

I learned more in four months than I did in four years of high school and two semesters in college.



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