Have you experienced communication problems with people at work? Why do you work well with some people and not others? Have you considered the possibility of intercultural interference? This is a major cause of workplace miscommunications.

Many people interpret “intercultural” very narrowly, to mean ‘among different countries.’ Keep in mind that “intercultural” doesn’t apply only to people from different countries; even within one country there are several “sub-cultures” (such as North/South and East/West) that can also be sources of miscommunication. In every company there are myriad cultures represented, and sometimes the most difficult situations are those arising when dealing with cultural similarity.

In fact, understanding ourselves is an ideal way to begin to understand others, and that is where our Intercultural Communication course begins.

You will also learn the ins and outs of communicating successfully across cultures. You’ll find out what can promote or interfere with developing positive working relationships, how to communicate clearly and get the most out of your business dealings.




What is our philosophy?

A willingness to empathize with the other person goes a long way toward smoothing the communications.

What is the training like?

Through a variety of games and activities, as well as group discussion, we encourage participants to identify preconceptions about communication that may hinder interpersonal relationships. We present coping strategies/suggestions for clarifying their spoken and unspoken messages.

What are the instructors’ skills?

Our trainers possess intercultural competence, a true curiosity and respect for those of other cultures. We have many years of working with companies that have a diverse employee base, as well as many years of living, working and traveling abroad.

What do our clients say?

After just a short time working with IMI on my English language skills, I saw a great improvement in my business vocabulary. During our sessions we had many interesting conversations about American management styles. Having worked solely in China, although for a multinational company, I found our conversations on American business practices enlightening and very interesting. I am beginning work on my MBA and have already found our discussions to be helpful as I prepare myself to work in an American company.


Bin Zhang, MBA candidate



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