Have you ever wondered why you had a miscommunication with someone who was possibly from another country, but yet, very similar to you (in terms of language and culture)? Much like stepping off the curb (or down a step) without seeing it and expecting level ground, slight, unexpected cultural differences can cause miscommunication between people of similar cultures.

You may have had experience communicating with someone who was from a very obviously different culture. For example, an American working with a Chinese business partner. These two would know before they even spoke to each other that there would be some linguistic and cultural differences. As a result, they would be mentally prepared to identify and deal with potential causes of miscommunication and might not fall prey to the problems that could occur between someone from the U.S. and Australia.


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Working with “Cultures of Similarity” | DFA Intercultural Global Solutions, LLC
Published on September 15th, 2015 by Dean Foster


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