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Do you do business internationally? Build up some industry-specific vocabulary! We offer services in several different languages.

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Jump-start your verbal and written skills in any of the languages we offer!

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IMI was recommended to me by my HR Generalist, who had worked with Marianne in a previous company. I initially asked IMI to coach one of my non-native team members; subsequently, I also began to work with Marianne on my pronunciation and grammar issues. She has not only been a great coach for my English needs, but also a great advisor in terms of style for technical and business documents. Marianne is very responsive and does the utmost to ensure that I am engaged in my own development. Our sessions are interesting and productive, and Marianne is always willing to help me address situations that arise at work. I highly recommend IMI to help non-native speakers with language/culture needs. In particular, IMI can help evolve the style and depth of your communication.


I have worked with IMI for about 25 years and have been very impressed with the results I have seen. The various communications courses have provided instant improvement in our associates’ skills. IMI has the best Business Writing class I have seen – it is client-driven and customized to exactly our needs. The use of participant samples ensures that class members can use the skills presented in their own writing. We have also used IMI to provide Spanish conversation and English as a Second Language training, both of which were very valuable in improving our business results. IMI deals well with all levels in the organization. I strongly recommend that you contact IMI to discuss how they can help you increase your productivity.

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